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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What qualifications do I need?
To practice as a self employed Book Keeper you need to hold at least an Associate Membership with the Institute of Certified Book Keepers.

2) What does Associate Membership and full Membership involve?

You must have passed Level 2 Manual and Computerised Book Keeping stages to qualify to apply as an Associate Member.

Level 3 is then available for you to take to become a full member.

3) What options of study are available to me?
Bridge Training Solutions offers Fast track courses. We also offer training one to one at your home
or office.

4) What else do I need?
Indemnity Insurance and a Practicing Certificate from the ICB. These are both renewable on an annual basis and MUST be kept up to date. You must have reached Associate Status with ICB to qualify for the above. Money Laundering Supervision is also a requirement.

5) What topics are covered in the various stages of Levels 2 and 3.
Please refer to the syllabus’, these give an outline of what is covered at each level.

6) I am completely new to Book Keeping – will I be able to cope with the starting level?
Yes, Level 2 assumes no prior knowledge.

7) What other costs are there?
Depending on which route of study you take – there will be extra fees for exam application and membership to ICB.

8) Will I need my own Software when I am Studying and when I start to take on clients?
Yes, however there are various options available to you. You will need at least a copy of Instant Accounts and Instant Payroll to practice the computerised sessions and to take the exam at home.

Please call 01425 674776 for advice on the above.

9) What happens if I want to provide Payroll services to clients?
There is a Payroll exam you can sit – Level 3 in Payroll Management.